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Carey, Strachan & Co. Coins

A copper token struck in 1873, by Messrs. Carey, Strachan & Co. for use in Union Mills, Slave Island, Colombo.




17 cents




32 mm




11.39 gms









Lowsley #6 Pridmore #14 Mitchiner #2233


A copper token of about the size of a bronze penny. These tokens were struck in England about the year 1873, and represented 17 cents each.


The Union Mills, now the property of Messrs. Carey, Strachan & Co., formerly belonged to Messrs. MacLachian & Mackenzie, who became insolvent in 1869 or 1870. They are situated in Union Place, Slave Island, Colombo.


CAREY, STRACHAN & CO. This firm was established in 1869 under the name of Carey and Strachan, the partners being L. St. George Carey and Charles Strachan. In or about 1873 the name was changed to Carey, Strachan & Co. 

L. St. George Carey died in 1875, and in 1887 the name of the firm was again changed, this time to Charles Strachan & Co.  In 1896, a company was formed in London, the objects being to acquire, carry on and develop certain tea estates, the central tea factory known as the Galaha Factory, the freehold property known as the Union Mills, and the General and Agency business of Charles Strachan & Co.

The Union Mills, Union Place, Slave Island, Colombo, employed over 500 hands for curing coffee etc.

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