Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Membership in the Clan Strachan Society is not restricted, and is available to any person born with the Strachan surname (broadly defined), any person who has an ancestor born a Strachan, or any person who fondly associates themselves with Clan Strachan.

Membership: All memberships are on a lifetime basis. The cost of each membership varies by currency, and depends if the membership is individual or family. The cost of the membership is intended to be inclusive, and is a fraction of the cost of other clan lifetime memberships that can cost as high as GBP £250.00

Member Subweb: The Member Subweb is username and password protected and includes a Member Directory, Music Downloads, Photo Downloads, a library, access to all past newsletters, and more. All at no charge to Members in good standing. 

Email List: Each member of the Society is automatically included in the Society Email List.

Member Director: Each member of the Society is automatically enrolled in the Society Member Directory. Meet other Strachans from around the world.

Heraldry: All members of the Society who wish to obtain Scottish armorial bearings from the Court of the Lord Lyon can receive free consultation.

Genealogy: Members of the Society receive free genealogy consultation on how to research your Scottish ancestry.

Full Transparency: Members of the Society have access to all past Board of Director minutes, financial statements, tax returns, and other proprietary information regarding Society business. This is all located in the username/password protected Member Subweb.

Voting Rights: Per Society Bylaws, all members in good standing over the age of 18 have the right to elect all Society officers and directors, and may also run for office.