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In operation since 2005, the Society is recognised as by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit public benefit corporation 501(c)(3) Public Charity (EIN 26-2887051). The Society is authorised by the Clan Coucil and the Clan Strachan Constitution. It is an international organisation for all interested in the heritage, culture and history of Scotland, and in particular Clan Strachan. One of the many purposes of the Society is to act as liaison between the Chief, his Council, and the wider clan body. We are a major contributor to the Clan Strachan Charitable Trust (SC044937) in Scotland, which is the custodial arm of the Clan and also a non-profit charitable trust  authorised by the OSCR in Scotland.

Anyone, regardless of surname, is permitted to be a member of the Society.

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I hereby attest that information provided on this Membership Application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.  I agree to provide the Clan Strachan Scottish Heritage Society, Inc. (herein "Society") Membership Secretary any documentation requested to substantiate claims made by me on this application.  I acknowledge that providing false or misleading information, or failing to provide requested documentation are grounds for non-refundable forfeiture of membership. All officers, directors, and members of the Society must follow the Society Bylaws, and failing to do so will result in loss of office and forfeiture of membership in the Society.  All dues and other funds paid to the Society are non-refundable. All bounced checks to the Society are subject to $25.00 surcharge plus three (3) times the face value of the check up to $1500.  Jurisdiction for all legal claims shall be brought forth in Riverside, California.  Alternative jurisdiction may be authorized at the sole discretion of the Society.  All amounts given are in US Dollars unless otherwise mentioned.  Society has your permission to add your contact information to the Clan Directory located in the password protected Members Only Subweb; and to provide your email and other information to their affiliates, sponsors, and strategic partners. By submitting this form, you agree to all terms and conditions mentioned herein.

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