Value of Membership

Why join the Society? What's the real value?

Membership in the Society provides both intangible and tangible benefits.

Many people join the Society as they have a high personal value for family. Membership provides a connection that helps remind us of our past ancestors and gives us a sense of connection to our shared family heritage. Moreover, the Scottish culture is undoubtedly unique in the world, and many have a desire to engrain in our children (or grandchildren) an appreciation and love of this culture.

Regarding the diaspora living outwith Scotland - - due to past wars or economic strife there are today about five times more people of Scots descent living abroad, then there are Scots in Scotland. Indeed, the "Scottish" demographic is an international one. It is, perhaps, important to remind the native Scot that when these individuals and families migrated abroad, they did not forget the customs and traditions in which they were raised. For this reason, many Scottish traditions are celebrated across the globe. Some of our Members have expressed an interest in learning and reinstituting family traditions such as First Footing or having a traditional Burns Supper. 

Joining a Scottish Clan society or association also provides a wealth of information, as well as opportunities to participate in events and activities that preserve not only Scotland's cultural heritage, but your Clan's cultural heritage.

In truth, of those who become a Member of a Scottish Clan society or association, almost all do so for the intangible benefits discussed above.  

The Clan Strachan Scottish Heritage Society, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that is dedicated to helping others learn the history, culture, and heritage of our shared Scottish ancestry, regardless if you're a local Scot or part of the diaspora living abroad. Some of the tangible benefits of membership include genealogy guidance, assistance and advice to obtain your own Scottish armorial bearings, access to music and picture downloads, access to the Society's online library, access to all previously published newsletters, access to our global member directory, and more.

Membership Fees

The Society offers an extremely low lifetime membership that varies by international currency (single nonrecurring payment). To put this into perspective, virtually every other Clan society or association have annual fees of $20 or £20 per year, with a lifetime membership costing $250 or £250. So, how can we charge so much less? 

In the early years of the Society, the founders asked if, philosophically, we really wanted to kick-out family from the Society because they did not pay, or could not afford to pay the annual fee. The answer was resoundingly, "No."

Further, the Society is a non-profit organization, and those who can afford to make an annual tax deductible donation (check with your tax advisor) tend to make donations at the end of each year that more than compensate for lost revenue associated with annual membership fees. 

Types of Membership

Individual and Family  (includes the married spouse) Memberships are provided.

Honorary Memberships may be provided to individuals or organizations by unanimous approval of the Board of Directors. Honorary members have full member benefits and voting rights.

Please refer to our Bylaws, Article III for further information.