Petition For Arms

Petition for Scottish Arms

Only a few unique individuals are interested enough in their Scottish ancestry or heritage to become members in their clan society or association. These individuals generally have a strong sense and personal value towards family and kinship, honour, and character.

Of these, it is only a very few that actually have interest taking the next step... that is, filing a petition for Scottish Arms.

Those who have been granted Arms or who have the right to bear them (aka "Armigers") are generally well educated. In modern times, many are civil servants, politicians, or those who have served in the military. Others are doctors, lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs and various professionals who are leaders in their chosen field. And, yet others, simply have a passion to celebrate their Scottish heritage.

As the Lord Lyon states, those granted Arms are virtuous and well deserving persons. It is not considered pretentious to receive a grant of Arms, as according to Debrett's an Armiger is considered nothing more than a Gentleman in the Precedence of Scotland, which is a social dignity.

To the contrary, Scottish Armigers do their family (or clan) a great service, as they have a duty to assist in managing the clan in our times. In Clan Strachan, all Armigers receive a seat on the Clan Council.

Moreover, as Scottish Arms are hereditary property they are a beautiful gift to future generations. The original grantee is also immortalized in their letters patent, which is kept on file in perpetuity in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland. It is because of the perpetuity of this distinction that approximately 30% of all Armigers conversely have no children. Therefore, children should not be considered a requisite for Arms.


The Clan Strachan Society will provide consultation services, free of charge, for any Member of the Society in good standing to petition the Court of the Lord Lyon for armorial bearings.

Our services include petition preparation, document and proof review, as well as assistance in drafting your personal Arms. Our Society can even refer you to an Heraldic Artist if you so desire.

Members interested in this service are instructed to contact Jim Strachan for further assistance.


All fees are paid directly by you to the Court of the Lord Lyon. The Clan Strachan Society charges nothing, and receives no compensation from the Court of the Lord Lyon if a Grant or Matriculation of Arms is granted or matriculated. Further, the Lyon Court charges nothing unless a petition or matriculation of Arms is granted. That being said, the cost varies depending on whether you are applying for a new Grant of Arms, or a Matriculation of already existing Arms.

The current Lord Lyon Scale of Fees is available on the Internet (Click Here).