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Comhairle Mr of Clan Strachan

The Clan Council, also known as the Great Council (Gaelic: Comhairle Mr), is a separate entity from the Clan Strachan Society, and is the governing body of Clan Strachan, e.g., the international family.  As in ancient times, the Clan had a Representor (aka Chief or Commander) recognized by the Crown, who in accordance with Scots Law had legal rights over their clan in certain matters in the jurisdiction of Scotland.  The Clan Council is presided over by the Clan Strachan Commander, Rob Strachan, and consists of various Clan Officers mentioned below; all of whom are subject to the Clan Strachan Constitution.

The Clan Representor and His Immediate Family

Clan Representor (Ceann~Cinnidh): 
Clan Strachan Chief or Commander recognized by the Sovereign through her Officer of Honour, the Lord Lyon King of Arms.  Convenor of the Clan Strachan Charitable Trust, and Convenor of this Clan Council.

Charles Robert (Rob) Lund Strachan, Commander of the Honourable Clan Strachan

Clan Representor's primogeniture male heir. Actively participates on the Clan Council as an officer of the Clan.

Luke Strachan, eldest son of Rob Strachan

Gilfine:  Representor's Immediate Family
Descendants of the grandfather Chief - Actively participates on the Clan Council as an officer of the Clan.

None Appointed.

Household of the Clan Representor
* Must be a STRACHAN (broadly defined) by birth, and a Strachan Armiger. Hereditary position, that transfers with Arms.

Hereditary Chieftains (Ard~Ghillean an Tighe):

Professor Sir Hew Strachan, Laird of Glenhighton
Much Honoured Roderick Strachan of Benholm, Baron of Benholm

Hereditary Sennachie
Clan Historian, Herald & Chief's Genealogist (An Seanachaidh):

Mr. James Andrew (Jim) Strachan, FSA Scot

Hereditary Standard Bearer (Am Fear Brataich):

Dr. T. Martin Strahan

Sword Bearer (An Gille~Mor):

Mr. James Andrew (Drew) Strachan (RA-Ret)

Chief's Bodyguard (An Luchd-Tige):

LCDR William Stanley Strachan (RAN-Ret)

An Daoin~uasail: The Clan Gentry 
* Generally must be a STRACHAN (broadly defined) by birth. Non-hereditary position.

Convenor of the Armigerous Clan Strachan Society:   

Mr. Dennis Craig Strawhun

Non-Armigerous Piper
Highly recommended this person file a petition for Scottish Arms, at which time they shall be part of the Representor's Household, and their position becomes hereditary.

None Appointed.

Other Gentry of Clan Strachan

Mr. Bill Strachan, Glencoe (Scotland)

Mr. Garry Strachan, Daventry (UK)

Mr. Les Strachan, Kent (UK)

Mr. David Strachan, Alford (Scotland)


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