1st International Clan Gathering

Shenanigans and Harrumphing

Mark your calendars! The Clan Strachan Society is organising the 1st International Clan Strachan Gathering in 2019.
All proceeds for these events are donated to the Clan Strachan Charitable Trust's Real Property Fund!

Plan On Coming?

Monday 29 July  2019 to Saturday 3 August 2019

Our understanding prior to the 2014 Strachan Family Convention was that the wait period before a Commander could be recognised as hereditary Chief of the Name was at least ten (10) years. It was communicated to the Society after the Family Convention that the Lord Lyon may be amenable to only a five year wait period. Recent communication from Dr. Joseph Morrow, Lord Lyon King of Arms, confirms the wait period is at least ten  (10) years to allow any "blood" claims to become apparent. This is the Lord Lyon's prerogative, and we completely support his decision that this process not be hurried. Subsequently, the next Strachan Family Convention held under the jurisdiction of the Court of the Lord Lyon will be no sooner than 2024, and at which time we will hope to also hold a second Clan Strachan Gathering in conjunction with the Family Convention.