Clan Strachan Y-DNA Project

Clan Strachan Y-DNA Project Objective

There are several objectives for the Y-DNA project, and all stem from genealogy.

The primary objective is to assist various Strachan families to identify lost cousins, and to identify the geographic origins of those families participating in the project.  A natural progression of this would be to assist those families in re-introducing themselves in order to rekindle old bonds and to allow an opportunity for those families to share their genealogical information to perhaps fill in any missing information on their family tree.  

Participant Requirements
  1. 1. Males Only:  Y-DNA just like surnames pass along the male line from father-to-son.  Unfortunately, only men can participate as only males carry the Y-DNA chromosome.  Women interested in participating are encouraged to ask a male relative bearing the Strachan surname to enroll and be tested.

  2. 2. Strachans Only: As a surname project, it follows that only men bearing the STRACHAN surname or a derivative spelling are permitted to participate in this project. Where common sense dictates, those bearing another surname may be accepted by the Group Administrator to the project if they can prove family decent along the male line from a STRACHAN. 

  3. 3. Minimum 37-Markers Tested:  Participants are required to have at least 37 markers be tested.  It is widely known among geneticist that Y-DNA among European men is EXTREMELY homogeneous.  It is virtually impossible to determine various family groups within the Strachan project with less than 37-markers tested.  Additionally, those of European ancestry can expect to find genetic matches among those with different surnames even when no family connection exists. To confirm, STRACHAN participants cannot assume a family connection (adoption or illegitimate birth) when no common surname exists due to the extremely homogeneous nature of of European Y-DNA.

Privacy & Determining Matches

The Clan Strachan Y-DNA Project has a strict privacy policy, and we do not post our results publicly.  If you are not a qualifying member of the project, please do not ask.

Participants can determine if there are any Y-DNA matches by logging into their account at  Personal advice and assistance will only be provided to those qualifying members of this project.      

Any further questions regarding this Project should be forwarded to the Group Administrator.

Interpreting Your Results

Y-DNA: Paternal Lineage Tests by

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Interpretation of 37-Marker Test when Surname is shared - Click Here

To assist Participants in our Project with understanding their results, the following videos are made available:

Y-DNA: Understanding Your Y-DNA Test Results:

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