Order of the Hart

The Order of the Hart is Clan Strachan's highest honour and decoration bestowed upon an individual. Its issuance is considered a rare honour. It is awarded to a select few virtuous and deserving individuals for preeminent contributions, service or personal-sacrifice to the benefit of Clan Strachan. It takes precedence over all other Clan awards or decorations. Recipients must be nominated before the Society Board of Directors, said nomination must be seconded, and then unanimously approved by the Board.

The Order of the Hart was introduced by the Clan Strachan Society in July 2013 in anticipation of the Strachan Family Convention (or "Ad Hoc Derbhfine") scheduled in April 2014. The Order of the Hart is usually presented to the recipient (or their next of kin) by the Clan Strachan Representor and/or the Convenor of the Clan Strachan Society at official Clan Strachan functions, such as a Clan Gatherings, Annual General Meetings, etc.

Maj. Benjamin Strachan, CMG & Lize Strachan,
Mill of Strachan

Awarded 11 April 2014. The nomination reads as follows: It is with great pleasure that this first Order of the Hart to be awarded this evening go to retired Ambassador of the UK,  Major Ben Strachan & his wife Lize Strachan of the Mill of Strachan.  Since acquiring the Mill of Strachan over 50 years ago, their family has been welcoming Strachan tourists to the village, and their home. While stationed in London doing diplomatic service, Ben spent time researching the ancient Houses of Strachan, and authored the book, “A HISTORY OF THE STRACHANs”.  This was the first book exclusively dedicated to Clan Strachan that was not a special pleading made before the Lord Lyon.  Ben and Lize, you’ve kept the heritage and history of Clan Strachan alive, when sadly the rest of the family went cold.  It was your inspiration that motivated Jim and Dennis to create the Clan Strachan Society, and subsequently the events of today.  With a warm heart and great affection, it is an honour to recognize you this evening.  


Ian and Griselda Thornton-Kemsley, Thornton Castle

Awarded 11 April 2014.  The nomination reads as follows:   For literally generations this particular family has been welcoming Strachan visitors to their home, where they maintain a Guestbook for visiting Strachans.  Prior generations of the family have authored a book called, “Bonnet Lairds”, which attempts to chronicle the early family histories of Strachan of that Ilk, as well as Strachan of Thornton.  The Thornton-Kemsleys of Thornton Castle more than any other, has kept the spirit, traditions, and history of Clan Strachan alive when admittedly most of our Name went cold on our heritage.   The Thornton-Kemsleys’ are not Strachan by blood, which means this award and honour is only that much more special.  This family engenders the definition of Highland Hospitality, and we - - Clan Strachan - -  will be forever grateful, and in your debt.   

Much Honoured Roddy Stachan, Baron of Benholm;
Sir Hew Strachan, Laird of Glenhighton; and Rob Strachan, Mill of Strachan

Awarded 11 April 2014. The nomination reads as follows: There are three individuals here tonight who made themselves available to a process we started almost 3 years ago.  Each made themselves open to the possibility of becoming Commander of Clan Strachan, and each expressed thoughts of reluctance, unworthiness, humility and probably fear.  More importantly, they all expressed a willingness to serve the Strachan family in whatever capacity.  They’ve always been open to supporting the will of the Derbhfine Council.  For their self-sacrifice in being open to the process, the family shall be forever grateful.  If I could ask Rob Strachan from the Mill of Strachan, Sir Hew Strachan from Glenhighton, and Roddy Strachan of Benholm to come to the stage and be recognized.    

James Andrew Strachan, FSA Scot; and Dennis Craig Stawhun  

Awarded 11 April 2014. The nomination reads as follows: The final awards go to the two Founders of the Clan Strachan Society, whose personal finances, resources and service to all Strachans has created the catalyst to reviving the modern Clan Strachan. The Society was created in 2005, and only 9 years later, it is hoped Lyon will soon recognize Rob as Clan Representor, thus Clan Strachan will be recognized by the Crown of Scotland for the first time in 186 years.   Quite simply, without Jim and Dennis we simply would not be here tonight. Jim Strachan and Dennis Strawhun please come up to the stage to be recognised.