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Strachan Clan Y-DNA Project

European Y-DNA (male DNA) is extremely homogeneous.  Those of European ancestrycan expect to find genetic matches among those with different surnames even when no family connection exists. It is for this reason participation in our Project is limited to only those men bearing the STRACHAN surname or a derivative spelling.  We also require at least 37 markers be tested. [enroll here].  Women interested in participating should have a relative bearing the Strachan surname enroll and be tested.

The first step the Society takes in determining family connections is to compare your Y-DNA results with only those bearing the Strachan surname, or a derivative spelling (e.g. the Strachan Clan Project). 

From here we sort the participants by haplogroup. In molecular evolution, a haplogroup is similar haplotypes that share a common ancestor having the same single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mutation in all haplotypes.

The next step is determining the genetic distance between the 37 Y-DNA markers within each haplogroup, and depending on the closeness of these markers it would determine the probability of a genetic link.

Below is presented summary information of our Project.  Due to privacy concerns, detail information is only made available to participants who login to website.

Haplogroup (I)
Haplogroup I in Western Europe are centered in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, England (not including Cornwall), Scotland, and the southern tips of Sweden and Norway in Northwest Europe; the provinces of Normandy in northwestern France, among others.

No Matches within their Subclade at 37 Markers

James Andrew Strachan (Subclade I-M223, also known as I2)
I-M223 is likely of Norman decent.

Frank Leroy Strachan (Subclade I-M253) (Unable to search - Login to sign release form)

John William Strachan (Subclade I-M253)
I-M253 is likely of Ango Saxon decent.

Haplogroup (J)
Haplogroup J is Italian, and possibly of Roman decent from the Roman occupation of Britian.

No Matches within their Subclade at 37 Markers

Myron Clinton Strawn (Subclade J-M172)  No matches at 37 markers. 

Hugh L. Strawn (Subclade J-M172), No matches at 37 markers. 

Haplogroup (R)
Thought to be the Pictish haplogroup.

No Family Matches within their Subclade at 37 Markers

Jon Douglas Strain (Subclade R-FGC8739)
Nicholas Strachan (Subclade R-DF105),
Gary Alan Strain (Subclade R-DF97)
John Richard Strahan (Subclade R-L2)
Dr. Thomas Martin Strahan (Subclade R-L20
Tracy Thomas Strawn
(Subclade R-M222)
William Laurence Findlay Straughn
(Subclade R-M269)

David James Findlay Strachan (Subclade R-M269) 
Stephen Leland Strahan
(Subclade R-M269)
Kenneth Gene Strain (Subclade R-M269)
Thaddeus James Trahan, Jr. (Subclase R-M269)
Stanley Harris Straughan (Subclade R-M269)
Ben Straughan (Unable to search - Login to sign release form)
Mark Dewayne Stone (Subclade R-M269)
Stephen David Andrew Strahan (Subclade R-M269)
Royce Norman Strahan (Subclade R-M269)
Brian Thomas Strain (Subclade R-M269)
David Douglas Strain (Subclade R-M69)
James John Strachan (Subclade R-P25)
Alan William Strahan (Subclade R-Z2534)

Family Group No. 001 (Subclade R-M269)

Ernest Eric Strahan
John E. Strahin

Family Group No. 002 (Subclade R-M269)

Edward John Strachan
Ian Andrew Strachan
Ronald George Strachan
Timothy Douglas Smith (STRACHAN)
Gary Edward Strachan
Judith Strain (brother, David)
Stephen Stranahan
Gary Walker Strain
Sean Strain

** The above family group intermingled with members having >5 genetic distance at 37 markers. This may be a result of homogeneous Y-DNA.  Further testing beyond 37-markers may prove useful. Lots of Irish in this DNA.

Family Group No. 003 (Subclade R-M269)

Michael David Strachan
Craig Anthony Strachan
Scott Eric Strahan

Family Group No. 004 (Subclade R-M269)


Family Group No. 005 (Subclade R-M269)

Dennis Craig Strawhun
Kenneth William Straughn

Family Group No. 006 (Subclade R-M269)

Charles Harold Strahan
Alvin Roscoe Strahan

Richard Allen Strathern Sr. (Subclade R-CT4528) No matches found at 37-markers.  Probably not a STRACHAN but instead STRATHEARN.  There was an earldom near Pearth call Strathearn.

William Paul Strain, Jr. (Subclade R-M269), 25 markers tested - inconclusive, need 37 markers
David Strachan (Subclade R-M269), 12 markers tested - inconclusive, need 37 markers


1.  Tests BELOW 37-Markers are NOT sufficient to make a definitive determination of family relationship
     due to Europe's homogeneous genetic population. 

2.  It is not recommended (in most cases) to upgrade beyond the 37-marker test.

3.  Effective 1 Apr 2007, only results will be used in this study.

4.  This chart is updated approximately once every six months.  Participants can obtain genetic matches  
by logging into your account.

To view your genetic matches, please,
login to your account at

Any further questions regarding this Project should be forwarded to the Group Administrator.

This report may only be printed for personal non-commercial use, and
this right may be revoked at anytime by the Society. 


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