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Heraldry of Clan Strachan

Heraldry is the golden thread that binds the modern Scottish clan to ancient custom and tradition.  It is under the jurisdiction of Scots Heraldic Law administered by the Court of the Lord Lyon that makes a clan or family an honourable community, which is recognized as a social dignity in Scotland.  We encourage all prominent Members of the Society to petition for a new grant of Scottish Armorial Bearings, and provide free consultation services to Members.

Heraldry of the Strachans

Members, please see the Member Library for other heraldry documents

Filing a petition for a new grant of arms - Free Consultation

Information Circulars - Court of the Lord Lyon
Leaflet 1 - Use of Corporate Arms
Leaflet 2 - Crest Badges and Feathers
Leaflet 3 - Heraldic Flags
Leaflet 4 - Petitions for Arms
Leaflet 5 - Ancestor Research
Leaflet 6 - Differencing
Use of Personal Arms
Grants and Matriculations for Non-British Citizens
Genealogy, Heraldry and Tartans
Wearing of Sashes by Ladies in Evening Dress

The Heraldry Society of Scotland
Heraldic Arts
Scots Heraldry
Various Related Links





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