2019 Gathering and
2014 Strachan Family Convention

Meeting held in Edinburgh under the jurisdiction of the Court of the Lord Lyon to recognise a Representor of Clan Strachan.

About our Clan Representor

Learn about our Commander, his lands, and the Chiefly Insignia

History of the Picts in Strachan

Under Construction

History of Clan Strachan (Part 1)

c. 1000 to 1307
Wars of Independance

History of Clan Strachan (Part 2)

c. 1307 to 1325
Rise of Robert de Bruce and Fall of Clan Strachan

Strachan Tartan

What tartan does Clan Strachan wear?

Strachan Warcry!

History behind the Strachan Warcry!

Order of the Hart

Clan Strachan's highest honour!

Strachan Heroes from WWI and WWII

Clan Strachan Ladies from Hell

Pronunciation and Etymology

19 minute Podcast