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History of Clan Strachan

Clan Strachan is one of the ancient families of Scotland.  Learn more about the ancient and modern history of Clan Strachan.

Clan Strachan Family Convention of 2014

l  About our Chief

l  A History of Clan Strachan

l  Pronunciation

l  Tartans

l  Sept Relationships

l  Lands & Castles Associated with Clan Strachan

l  Ragman Rolls of 1296

l  Battle of Inverurie (1308)

l  Names & Families of Clan Strachan

l  Warcry of Clan Strachan

l  Insignia of the Clan Chief or Commander

l  Order of the Hart 

l  World War I - Our Warrior Heroes

l  World War II - Our Warrior Heroes

l  Strachan & Co. Tokens

l  Carey, Strachan Coins

l  Traditional Scottish Dress

l  Traditional Scottish Recipes

l  Scottish Holidays & Traditional Customs





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