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Strachan Names List


Strachen, Strahan, Straughan, Strawhun, Strawn, Straun, Straghan, Strane, Stracon, Strahin, Strain, Strong, Strongman, Stronger, Strang, Stronge, Strang, Strange, Strangeman, Straughn, Stranahan

Other derivations are possible.  If your last name is not located here, AND it is a derivative of the surname STRACHAN...  Please, contact us to have your surname added.



The Anglicization of the Gaelic led to different spellings of the name, as transliterations were made in various censuses.


STRACHAN: Strachoun (1624), Strachquhen(1605), Stracquhan (1655), Stradaquhin (1527), Stragham (1537), Strahaquhen (1487), Strahin (1494), Straichane (1675), Straiquhen (1578), Straithin (1525), Strakekyn (1429), Straquahan (1684), Straquhane (1646), Straquhen (1665), Straquhone (1600), Straquhyn (1524), Straquhyne (1554), Straqwhane (1682), Straqwhin (1565), Stratauchin (1560), Strathachin (1459), Strathachine (1483), Strathachtin (1427), Strathachyn (1470), Strathaquhin (1490), Strathaquhine (1504), Strathaquhyn (1498), Strathaqwhyne (1485), Strathauchin (1566), Strathauchine (1445), Strathawchin (1617), Strathawin (1585), Strathechin (1443), Strathzaqwyn (z as gutteral y, 1445) Strauchen (1663), Strauachin and  Strauauchin (1541), Strauchquhen (1528), Strauthauchin (1481), Strautquhyne (1597), Strayachin (1406), Strayquhen (1578), Straythauchtin (1469), Straywham (1537); Strachin, Stradachin, Strahan, Straithachin, Straithauchquhyn, Straquhin, Strathachane, Strathaiching, Strathauchinquhyn, Strathechny, Stratheyhan, Strathin, and Strethachin.

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The Surnames of Scotland - Their Origin, Meaning, and History." The New York Public Library. page 752

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Strain Surname History


As a result of genealogical evidence we know that some Strachans who emigrated to Northern Ireland changed their surname spelling to Strain between the 17th and 19th century. 


However, genealogist Dr. Edward MacLysaght, Author of the book, More Irish Families, claims that Strain came from O’Srutháin, the name of an sept of Donegal mentioned in the Annals of the Four Masters (1204).

Strahan, Strain, Shryhane – There are two slightly different forms of this surname in Irish –  O’Sraitheáin and O’Srutháin, both as Strahan and Strain (Co. Down) found now in Ulster in fair numbers.  The sept was of Tirconnell where they were enenaghs of Cornwall in the barony of Kilmacrenan, Co. Donegal.  Sitric O’Sruithen is mentioned by the Four Masters as such in the year 1204.  The Annals refer to them as followers of the O’Donnells with whom, however, at the end of the sixteenth century they were at loggerheads.

Contrary to this, according to, "The surname of Strain is considered a local name, from a town in the north of Scotland, written Strachan, it is also thought to be a contraction of Strachan." 


However, according to lists the following:  Strahan, Strain:  A Donegal name derived from the Irish for stream. Strain is the version associated with Co. Down" 


Finally, to confuse matters more, ancestry website notes, "The similarity to the Scottish name Strachan, and suggests that the Strain surname may be Scottish in origin, derived from the surname STRACHAN."  This seems to make some sense, as the property survey in Ireland (1848) indicates all 121 Strain households resided in present day Northern Ireland or Donegal (Northwestern most tip of Ireland).    James VI of Scotland's Ulster Plantation of N. Ireland in the early 1600s, and In the mid-1600s Cromwell's invasion of Northern Ireland brought numerous Protestant families to Ulster... including in large number STRACHAN Scots. 


Perhaps most appropriately, according to Origins of the Strain surname, "The picture is not absolutely clear where the Strains came from—whether they descended from the clan of the Irish chieftain O’Sruitheain of Donegal, or if they came to Ireland from the Scotland.  Since many of the inhabitants of Scotland descended from Irish ancestors it is even possible that the family originated in Ireland, but migrated to Scotland, and were then transplanted back in the 17th Century.  It is also possible that the Strain surname has several different origins and that not all Strains are related."


Given the aforementioned, the Clan Strachan Society therefore treats the STRAIN surname as a derivative spelling of the STRACHAN surname, but out of respect to those who insist they are descended from the Irish Chieftain O’Sruitheain of Donegal, or wish to celebrate their Irish heritage, we also recognize that part of your heritage as well, and further acknowledge that not all Stains are Strachans.


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Strong Surname History

** Strong, Strongman, Stronger, Strang, Stronge, Strang, Strange, Strangeman, Straughn

STRONG surname and variations included are similar sounding surnames (e.g., Straughan), etymologically equivalent names (e.g., Strachan), surnames that may have been shortened to Strong (e.g., Strongman, Stronger), and surnames that might be mis-recorded or misperceived as Strong (e.g., Strang). The most common surnames in this group are Strong, Stronge, Strongman, Straughan, Straughn, Strang, Strange, Strangeman, Strachan, and Strawn.

According to Rootsweb:

There are other names with STRONG in it at a much earlier date, but they tend to be descriptive and not surnames as we know it (i.e. pre-feudal system). The surname might also be a contraction of Armstrong, also a Scottish surname.

Thus, out of respect to those who insist they are not descendant from the Strachan line, we respect that part of your heritage, and acknowledge that not all Strongs (broadly defined) are Strachans. 


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