A Place To Call Home

Time Remaining to meet our Goal of £55,000
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Feughside Guest House

During the First War of Scottish Independance, the House of Strachan were staunch supporters of John Comyn, Earl of Buchan; and with a moderate to high probability were cousins of John Comyn through his mother, Elizabeth de Quincy. The Strachans supported the Balliol and Comyn cause, and opposed Robert de Bruce's claim to the crown of Scotland. Shortly after Bruce's victory at Bannockburn, on 1 November 1315, the noble House of Strachan were disinherited of the Barony of Strachan by King Robert de Bruce himself. Bruce granted the barony of Strachan to his loyal supporter, Sir Alexander Fraser, future Chamberlain of Scotland, and soon to be husband of Mary de Bruce, Robert I's sister. 

Since 1315, Strachans have wandered without a home. 

However, today, the Strachans are coming home, and your family needs help and support #youbelonginstrachan. 

An inn has sat on the banks of the Feugh since before the 16th century.  On the outskirts of Strachan, this land is currently for sale and represents a singular opportunity for our family to build a Clan Strachan Heritage Centre. 

The Clan Strachan Society (USA) & Clan Strachan Charitable Trust (Scotland) have joined forces to acquire an 18th century Guest House in the village of Strachan. Perhaps most importantly, the property would be held by the Clan Strachan Trust.

The purpose of the acquisition is to create a Clan Strachan Heritage Centre, Clan Strachan Meeting Hall, and a local Tourist Centre.  Alternatively, the Clan could lease the building to generate income to further the charitable aims of the Clan Strachan Trust.

The property is comprised of 9 double guest rooms (8 of which are en-suite and 1 with a private bathroom), guest lounge, bar area, breakfast room, kitchen, conservatory and generous sized 2-bedroom owners’ accommodation (see Gallery). The property has its own car park which provides ample space for parking. Feughside Guest House is situated in an enviable position on the banks of the River Feugh in the village of Strachan, across from the Mill of Strachan, home of the Commander of Clan Strachan. It is a short drive from the thriving town of Banchory and a 30 minute drive from the City of Aberdeen.

According to the Lower Deeside map by Timothy Pont, an inn has stood at this location since before the late 16th century. The current building was constructed sometime in the 18th century, and after 1950, two conservatories were added. The first at the front of the building, and a later addition to the western side of the building. The site enjoys stunning elevated views of the surrounding countryside, including Clachnaben. Formerly run as an Inn, in 2017, the property was converted to a Guest House.

As of 2 July 2020, Clan Strachan currently has pledges and donations totally £260,000, and we are currently fundraising for £100,000 to complete the acquistion by September 1, 2020. Excess funds will be retained by the Clan Strachan Charitable Trust to cover maintenance, repairs, and miscellaneous expenses. For up-to-date fundraising status, please refer to our Fundraising Thermometer on this page.

For those donating £1,000 or more, their names will be engraved permanently on the Stone of Strachan located at the Feughside Guest House. This will be finalised after acheiving our fundraising goal.