2019 Clan Gathering

A Busy Week of Events

August 2018, a letter from the Lord Lyon confirmed that a second Clan Convention (or Derbhfine) to recognise our Commander, Rob Strachan, as hereditary Chief of the Name and Arms could not be held until at least 2024.  Not to let an excuse for a party go to waste, five gentlemen of the Clan Strachan Society decided to meet in Scotland. After some of our wives and daughters expressed an interest in coming, we quickly came to our senses, and started planning the First International Clan Strachan Gathering.  We quickly surmised that about 20-30 people in total might attend. Events were subsequently planned for a reception, two coach tours, a Ceilidh, hike to Clachnaben, and all culminating at the Aboyne Highland Games. 

To our great surprise, nearly 130 Strachans from around the globe attended various events throughout The Gathering.

Having quickly come to the realisation that we had bitten off far more than we could chew, Jim Strachan enlisted the help of his daughters: Alesia, Lindsay, and Ainsley. Additional buses were added to the tours, and Rob Strachan, our Commander, opened up the Mill of Strachan for a day so visitors could come by for a visit. Activities at the Mill included the infamous Duck Race (Bruce Strachan, Winner), cakes, cheese, wine, and more!  A very special thank you to Rob, Melina, Jamie, Sam,  Lize, Tricia, and the rest of the family at the Mill of Strachan!